We are so bad

Our conversation before going to bed last night:

Me: “Did you take your NyQuil?”

T: “No, I’m feeling better.  I don’t think I need it anymore.”

Me: “You can’t just stop taking your medication just because you think you’re better.  Those drugs are why you feel better!  There’s a reason you were taking them in the first place*.  There’s no shame in taking something if it helps.”

T: “Well, maybe I want to see if I can stay better without relying on medication.  I should be able to beat this now without taking anything.”

* Seriously, in all fairness, the main reason he took NyQuil in the first place was to knock himself out so he wouldn’t keep me awake with the coughing.


One response to “We are so bad

  1. Terrible. You two. But that’s just one of the few reasons why I like you so much. 🙂

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