This is going to serve as a test for posting from my phone, how the camera works, and show you that I still cook and we’re not always eating out these days.

Ever since I made polenta, all I do is think about how to incorporate it into another dinner. People. Polenta is so easy. And cheap! A cup of polenta is, like, mere pennies. Then you add water and salt! Butter and cheese are really just luxuries.

So. One cup polenta to 4 cups boiling water. Stir until creamy and smooth. Then you can add butter and cheese if you want.

The other night I bought 2 sausages and fried them up with tomatoes and kale. Ta da! Instant dinner, which is good since we were practically starving by the time I got home. T approved, too, even though he can barely taste anything with his cold.


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