Febreze Decor Collection

If you follow the Method madness, you’ll know that they redesigned their air freshener to be more stylish.  I guess so you feel more comfortable leaving it out in the open?  Well, Febreze is doing this, too, with their new Decor Collection.

I couldn’t find a good promotional picture to post here, so just go to the website and look at it.

Done?  You’ll notice that they actually look kind of cute, with the pretty picture on the front and the nice looking bottle.  Okay, then.  I was sent a bottle to try out.  It doesn’t look anything like the website picture.  The Febreze liquid is a bit cloudy.  Definitely not clear.  Which, I suppose, wouldn’t be such a problem if the flower picture were adhered to the front of the bottle.  But it’s not.  It’s stuck to the back of the bottle and you’re supposed to look at the pretty flower picture through the Febreze.  Through the hazy Febreze.  I mean, overall, it’s a nice looking bottle.  It’s not huge, it’s not shaped funny, and it doesn’t have bright colors screaming at you.  It blends in pretty well.  The hazy-filled bottle isn’t really why I wouldn’t keep this lying around to spritz here and there (which I was willing to do, to cover up the normal dog-lives-here smell).

It’s the Febreze scent that gets me.

According to the package, it’s supposed to smell like lavender and vanilla.  Both scents I like.  I planted 5 lavender plants in yard – I love lavender!  According to the flower (that you can sort of see through the haze), it should smell like lavender.  But it doesn’t.  It smells like the perfume counter at Macy’s.  It’s perfumy and floral and heavily scented.  Not light.  Now, our house does not normally smell like things.  I don’t like walking from room to room, going from mint to rainforest to lemongrass.  I just want my house to smell not-stinky (which I think I’m successful at).  I definitely do not want my house to smell like I sprayed perfume all around it.  T would kill me. 

So, Febreze.  Your concept rocks.  Cute containers of fabric refresher to leave around the house without looking like it’s destroying the decor.  However, I feel your execution needs work.  Lighten up on the perfume and either make it less cloudy or move the picture sticker.  Personally, I think a glass bottle would look more elegant, but then cost goes up and you’d have to put out refills.  You’re really close to having something, but it’s just not quite there.  Also, I’m wondering how this will do in a market that is starting to question chemicals in the house and the knowledge that floral fragrances are often made of parabens, a buzzword that is equated with not-good. 

Also, if anyone has wondered if my raving about a product is tied to the free-ness of receiving such items, I hope this review alleviates your fears.  Sometimes I love fancy gadgets because they didn’t cost me anything, but trust that I would never advocate you purchasing something that is sub-par (in my opinion).  I also try to list why I don’t like something, just in case my dislikes are your likes.  Perhaps you think living in the Macy’s perfume department would be a dream come true.  In that case, this Febreze can make your dreams happen.


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