So I’m slacking a little

Things I have done recently:

  • Finished the drip system in the front yard so the plants won’t die when we’re gone this weekend (okay, this was more T, less me)
  • Replanted the tall, fuzzy grass plant in the front that someone tried to pull up and run away with, apparently (again, not so much my involvement)
  • Enjoyed a lovely meal of Peking duck at Golden City for $18 with friends
  • Consequently have been craving more crispy duck skin in soft, warm, steamed buns
  • Listened to a proposal that, should T ever leave me, someone would take his place but only if I arrived with 100 bottles of our Vanilla Porter.  As time goes by, he might be willing to have me for only 50 bottles.  Score!  It’s like I’m on sale!
  • Bought an iPhone and loaded it with oodles of (probably useless) free applications
  • Loaded an iPhone application that takes a restaurant bill, splits it evenly amongst your party, AND tells you how much tip to leave
  • Finished the Twilight series and now feel like I was owed a more interesting ending

Things I have NOT done but really should:

  • Laundry (not my fault – someone has been hogging the laundry machines)
  • Pack for Denver (probably my fault, but I’m claiming this is due to not being able to do laundry)
  • Download pictures from the camera from, um, a month ago?  This includes pictures from our vacation at home.
  • Check the fridge for foods and/or vegetables that are past their prime
  • Figure out if I even like watching True Blood and if it’s worth my time (and DVR space) to continue watching
  • Figure out why I got sucked into Desperate Housewives when they all seem very whiny and selfish now
  • Figure out how to load a movie onto my iPhone just in case I get really, really bored at the airport and/or on the way to Denver
  • Take the time to write something real without having to stoop to list-making levels

One response to “So I’m slacking a little

  1. i agree about the twilight series needing a better ending. and i am glad you like your iphone. i need to learn how to set mine down. and, in case you are interested, one of my friends makes these sweet hand-sewn iphone cases:

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