Vampires are the new Harry Potter

So, we went on “vacation” and I even took pictures of most of the things we did because I felt like that’s what people do on vacation.  I only took one picture of food, though, as my habit of digging into delicious dishes before thinking about pictures is kind of ingrained into my brain.  Sorry.  The point is, I have pictures on the camera and had the best intentions of getting them posted here, but I got sidetracked.

As usual, I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve been sucked into the Twilight series, no pun intended.  I’ve seen that a lot of people have been mesmerized by the books, stealing them from their teenage kids, coveting them in secret, and whipping through them at breakneck speed.  And I thought, “Meh. Like I need more books to read. I have a shelf full of books that need reading.”  But then my curiosity got the best of me and I kept seeing Breaking Dawn at Costco, so I went ahead and ordered the whole series (and The Host) from Amazon.  T saw the stack of books and asked if I really liked the author.  I had to tell him I’ve never read any of her books, but I know how I am and if I get into the first book I’m going to want to know how it all ends.  That’s why I just ordered all the books all at once.  So when I finish the first one, the next one will be right there.  And I’m almost done with the first one, after just 2 nights of reading.  I actually stopped at the Epilogue last night because it was really late, even though I was so close to finishing the book.

I like the story.  I can see why it’s a young adult book – the main characters are teenagers (more or less) who don’t really fit in with the high school crowd, find forbidden love with each other in that heart-pounding fashion that teenage girls like to dream about, and form a bond that (I’m guessing) lasts a lifetime on their first try.  I read books like that in high school, dreaming of falling fast and hard in love with some dreamboat.  Except my books didn’t involve vampires.  Honestly, if the characters were 5-10 years older, it wouldn’t be any different than the adult fiction novels around.  Well, the tension between people probably wouldn’t be over something as small as a kiss. 

Having said that, I started watching True Blood on HBO.  I don’t know if I like it.  I hear a lot of raving about it, maybe from fans of the books?  Maybe the people in the books are being well portrayed on screen, but they kind of annoy me.  I watch it and it annoys me, yet I keep watching.  It’s like I feel I’m supposed to enjoy it and I’m just waiting to figure out when that will happen. 

Anyway.  That’s why you haven’t been told about what we did on our vacation.  Because I’ve been swept up by vampires.


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