Weight Watchers Snack Cakes

Hmm… well, that’s a really small picture.  I guess it’s kind of fitting, though, considering the size of the snack cakes.

I was sent a box of the new Weight Watchers snack cakes – the Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling.  Each box has 4 cakes, which I’m guessing are supposed to fill your Twinkie craving.  The WW cake has 80 calories; a Twinkie has 150.  The WW cake is also about half the size of a Twinkie.  Do Twinkies still come in packs of 2?  Maybe if you buy a box of them, they’re individually wrapped… 

The WW cake is small – about 3 bites.  The cake is also a little dry and the filling left a funny film on my tongue.  To be fair, sometimes the cake part of the Twinkie leaves a funny film on my tongue, too.  Honestly, the WW cake resembles a Twinkie only due to the fact that they both are made of cake and both have a creamy filling.  If I wanted a Twinkie, only a Twinkie would do.  Am I going to get dirty Google searches now that I’ve typed Twinkie so much?  I wouldn’t really call the WW cake a good snack.  I really wouldn’t call a Twinkie one, either.  If I want a piece of cake, I can think of a lot of tastier alternatives.  Of course, none of those alternatives are single-serving.

I’m a big fan of the new 100-calorie packs.  Things that are only 90 calories.  Companies suckering me into paying more for the privilege of more packaging and not having to count things myself.  I understand that, sometimes, 100 calories of a good food amounts to a really tiny amount.  But, hey, after that tiny amount is gone the package is empty and I can’t eat any more of them.  So, the strategy works, in a way.

Tastewise, I cannot recommend the WW snack cake.  At least, not the one with creamy filling.  Maybe the chocolate one is better.  However, I can tell you that if I was eating a Twinkie, there’s no way I would cut it in half to save calories.  I would end up eating the whole thing.  And, the 3 bites of mediocre yellow cake was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, so it’s not like I was tempted to eat 3 more of those things.  So, if you think you don’t have the willpower to limit your snack intake, I guess the WW snack cakes would work for you.  Otherwise, I don’t know why you’d go with these cakes.  I didn’t even look at the ingredients list, because I’m sure it’s full of things I don’t want to know about.  Despite the piles of Spam cans in the pantry, I do try to make an effort in keeping our processed food simple and not-so-bad for us.

Now!  If after my glowing review (sorry, Weight Watchers – I think your program is great, your snack cake not so much), you’re still curious about the snack cakes and want to purchase a box of your own to try, I have 3 coupons to send out.  Drop me an e-mail (threedogkitchen AT gmail DOT com) with your mailing address and I’ll get one to you. 


One response to “Weight Watchers Snack Cakes

  1. I, my mom, and my 3 sisters all despise the NEW WW chocolate creme cakes. We absolutely loved the old Chocolate cakes and can’t believe they traded that recipe for this new one. We have stopped buying them and hope more folks who do not like the change will say so and not buy the new ones and maybe they’ll change back! i wouldn’t even mind the creme IF they had kept the same recipe otherwise. THERE IS NO COMPARISON!

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