Lappert’s is open!

Lappert’s Ice Cream is now open!  I think they’ve only been open for a couple of weeks.  They did run out of Dole Whip last weekend, but I heard the guy say more was on the way and they did not plan on ever running out again.  Yes, you heard me – Dole Whip.  That crazy pineapple thing you only get at Disneyland when waiting for the Tiki Room.  Now you can get it in Poway, that’s how cool we are.

I can’t tell if Lappert’s is different from Lappert’s Hawaii, or if the difference is in the location of the stores.  Lappert’s flavors have tropical things like coconut, macadamia nuts, Kona coffee, banana, mango, and guava (but not all in one ice cream).  I tasted the guava sorbet (kind of tart, very guava), the cinnamon (nice and subtle but tasty), and the banana caramel (yummy, but a little fluffy).  T had the run raisin, which tastes exactly how rum raisin should taste.  I also informed him that See’s Candies makes a nice rum raisin candy.  The ice cream is creamy, not grainy, and the flavors are good.  They taste like you expect them to taste and they’re clean, not muddied or confusing.  I don’t even know if that makes sense.  There is also a self-sprinkle bar where you can add sprinkles of many colors.  The kids seem to enjoy that.

We are definitely going back for the Dole Whip.  We don’t really go out for ice cream (or frozen yogurt) very often, but I’d much rather go to Lappert’s instead of Baskin Robbins.  So, there you go.  Frozen treats in Poway = Golden Spoon, In the Mix, and Lappert’s.

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3 responses to “Lappert’s is open!

  1. OMG, Dole Whip? Within 10 minutes of my house?! I get it every time we go to Disneyland (while Luke gets a piece of fresh pineapple…yes my 7 year old is the “healthy” one). I’m so excited; I had no idea!! I am SO going to have to try that place!

  2. Lappert’s Hawaii is a separate business and is not connected with this company in any way. We make our ice creams and sorbets in Hawaii and they are available only in Hawaii and through our mail order. The company mentioned above is based in Richmond, California and their products are made there.

  3. Lapperts ingredients come from the mainland.
    Including the ones served in Hawaii.

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