here we go

Okay, we all know what today is.  We’ve been doing this for 7 years.  It was an awful day and probably one of those days where our grandchildren will ask if we remember what we were doing when it happened.  You know, like when you asked your grandparents what they were doing when Pearl Harbor got hit?  Personally, I was living in my first apartment in San Diego, getting ready for work.  My roommate must have had the tv on, because watching tv is not something I do in the mornings.  And I remember sitting on the futon, wrapped in a towel, trying to figure out what I was watching.  I remember that my mom was in Japan, trying to come back home, and she ended up eating and giving away a lot of really yummy sponge cake muffins so they wouldn’t go to waste before she could eventually get on a plane. 

I’m not discounting the tragedy of what happened.  But I am wondering if we ever move on.  You know?  Like, in ten (twenty? thirty?) years, are we going to wake up on the 12th and go, “Oh, yeah.  Yesterday was the 11th.  Boy, did our world ever change on that day.”

While we’re on the topic, have things gotten any better?  Is banning applesauce and yogurt from airplanes making the world safer?  Does the 3-oz liquid rule keep future crazy people from trying to crash planes?  Technically, these are rhetorical questions.  I’m not really looking for answers or debates.  I really don’t want to get into a debate.  It’s just my brain wondering out loud.


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