In the Mix – Poway

Everyone knows that Pinkberry created a monster when they unleashed their oh-so-hip, we-only-serve-two-flavors, tart frozen yogurt franchise.  Copycats sprung overnight to fill in spots.  Some continue to serve only 2 flavors; others got all fancy and went with 4.  We’re a big fan of Yogurt World (especially the newer Mira Mesa location), with their 12 or so different flavors.  A Whole Lotta Yogurt opened up in Poway and we started going there after eating at Mr. Hummus, but it wasn’t the same as Yogurt World.  The mochi balls weren’t the same, either, which I don’t understand because how many different mochi ball vendors can there possibly be?  We did try a Cactusberry in Palm Springs, which was very good and quite refreshing in the August heat.  I liked their guava yogurt.  T had mango fruit on top of his plain vanilla yogurt, but the mango tasted like sushi.  Yuck.  Now he’s scared of mango in yogurt places.

Not too long ago (maybe a couple of months?) we would be driving down Poway Road and we’d see a guy with a sign that said “Yogurt”.  It would sometimes be pointing to the Vons shopping center, but he was always standing on the Ultrastar side of the street.  If I wasn’t the driver, I would always scan the shopping centers, trying to figure out where this yogurt place was.  Was it even frozen yogurt?  Maybe someone decided to open up a regular non-frozen yogurt bar.  In Poway.  Who knew?  For the longest time, I couldn’t find it.  When I went to Henry’s, I’d forget about it and never thought to drive around looking for the sign.  Finally, a friend said it was in the Vons center, next to Vons.  We still didn’t see the sign.  The sign guy was still standing on the other side of the street.  And then, one day, I saw it.  In the Mix.  Next to H&R Block, next to Vons.  But we still didn’t venture in.

The other night, we were going to go for a walk up the big hill behind our house.  But we got accosted by our crazy neighbor (seriously, she’s crazy and apparently thinks going ballistic is a better approach that just asking nicely) and by the time she stopped screaming and ranting it was too dark to climb up a hill.  So we walked the other way towards the shopping centers.  And decided to finally see if In the Mix was suitable for a local frozen yogurt snack.  The flavors are different, and I don’t know that I like all of them.  The peanut butter was really good, and I enjoyed the strawberry banana.  I’d like to see a mango or peach flavor.  A good banana flavor would be awesome.  If they could manage to get guava, like Cactusberry I’d be in heaven.  All in all, we like it better than A Whole Lotta Yogurt.  They do have mochi balls, but not those funny flavored jelly bits you see at Yogurt World.  I think they had 8 flavors total.  Oh!  They have malted milk powder as a topping.  If you’ve ever had that on ice cream, you know it’s really good.

So, yes, worth stopping by.  38 cents an ounce, just like everyone else in the frozen yogurt community.  They do use paper cups, not styrafoam, if that makes you more inclined to give them business.  The spoons are still regular plastic, though.  The decor is very cute.  More cupcake shop that frozen yogurt, but I’m into that.  If you see their kids running around, that also adds a big dollop of cuteness. =)


2 responses to “In the Mix – Poway

  1. I enjoyed your review of our shop. It’s kind of tough getting the right balance of flavors, although we are currently featuring peach tart.

    That’s funny story about the guy with the sign, he’s actually my brother-in-law =]

  2. Well, at least the street sign got us looking for your yogurt place! We’ll have to stop in again for some tart peach… mmm!

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