A moment of silence, please

Today I had to remove a pair of shoes from the closet and place them in the going-to-Goodwill box.  They were perfectly good shoes, still functional, perhaps just not in frequent rotation anymore.  They were released from service because… well, because I needed the room for my new shoes.  But, now my shoe closet* is full.  The shoe racks are full, at capacity, no more vacancy.  I have informed T that he is to remind me of this the next time I talk about shoes.  That I will seriously have to get rid of shoes if I want to bring more home.  It’s a sad day.  Obviously I need a bigger house.

* Yes, I have a shoe closet.  I took half of the closet in the dining room and hung shoe racks on the wall.  Then I ran out of room so I bought a standing shoe rack from Target (similar, but the poles are rough to give more friction) for the sneakers and and flats and non-heeled shoes.  And after all that, I have run out of space.  Stop judging me.


2 responses to “A moment of silence, please

  1. Please don’t say you need a bigger house! Just put the shoes in the garage. That’s where they belong anyway! Build a shoe closet there! Why walk into the house with shoes? Remove them at the door.

  2. I wish I had a shoe closet. Or hell, even a closet. Right now the (only) five pairs of shoes I could bring with me to London are laying at the bottom of a warbrode.

    (Not to worry though, my mom is sending a GIANT box of my shoes from home next week. No idea where they’re going to go.)

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