Practically licensed

Hooray!  I passed my motorcycle safety course!  I wouldn’t say I passed with flying colors (I definitely wasn’t one of the few with a perfect score), but I also didn’t just barely pass.  I did okay, and one thing I “lost” points on was for going too slowly through a curve.  The other was for not being able to do a u-turn in a small box.  I’m not heartbroken about not being able to do a u-turn in a small box.

It was a really good course and I do feel more comfortable riding a motorcycle, so in that respect it was very helpful.  I am absolutely, positively, SO GLAD I had the chance to ride one before taking the class because I’m not sure I would have been able to really get through the maneuvering exercises without being somewhat familiar with a motorcycle.  During the course, I asked questions every time I thought I didn’t understand something.  Why not?  I’m paying for this course, they’re going to be testing me at the end, and I had no qualms about asking for help or clarification.  This other girl in our class didn’t ask any questions (well, she didn’t ask the instructors) and she clearly had no idea what we were supposed to be doing.  Not surprisingly, she did not pass.  She’s probably pretty mad about that, since she completed the u-turn in a box way better than I did.

This weekend also marked my mom’s birthday and our friend’s birthday.  My mom used to celebrate her birthday all week long – lunches with various friends and such.  It’s a pretty awesome way to celebrate, and I’ve certainly had my share of “birthday weeks”.  I highly recommend stretching it out, if you can.  My mom is actually pretty awesome herself.  She’s one of those extremely generous people with so much love to share.  She’s also fun to be with… we always have fun when we go somewhere.  I’m pretty sure my life turned out as terrific as it is because of my mom.

Next weekend we are having a bbq to celebrate the backyard being finished.  In addition to waking up so early it was still dark to go ride motorcycles in circles, we also picked up some plants and trees planted them, and started putting in drip lines.  Lots to do, so little time.  It’s not helping that the sun isn’t staying out as late anymore.

In re-reading this entire thing, I’m not sure I’m making any sense.  My brain is probably tired.  But I’m going to leave it as it is.  It is what it is.

Next weekend we’re throwing a bbq to celebrate the backyard being finished.


One response to “Practically licensed

  1. Boy, you really have good things to say about your mom. I’ll bet she is so proud of you and how you have turned out. Good for you both!

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