Palm Springs, in the middle of August, is freakin’ hot.  I know… it boggles the mind.  After the second weekend in a row of being out of town, I am very happy to be home.  Home, where I don’t have to deal with a suitcase or mini bottles of shampoo, housekeeping that thinks it’s a good idea to set the AC to 85 degrees, a thermostat that keeps falling off the wall, and crazy heat.  It was an extremely fun, extremely exhausting, and extremely productive weekend.

The dogs missed us so much, they left a dead opposum in the backyard for us.  And some dug up sod, that apparently was put back before I ever saw it.  There are already some dying pee spots that I can see, but I knew this would happen going in.  I think once the grass gets established, we’ll be in a better position to keep it healthy.  Right now, it’s still just sod that you could essentially pull up in one piece.


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