Holi Moli Ravioli

My mom is sad that I haven’t updated lately.  But not much has been going on, so I haven’t had anything to say!  Our paver patio is pretty much finished… they still have to fill in the curved edges with cut pieces of paver and then vibrate sand in between the cracks, but it looks really nice.  Then they’ll rototill, bring in the mulch, and install the new sod.  Ta da!

The weekend went by so quickly, I can barely remember what we did.  I know a quick motorcycle ride happened, with us ending up at Pearl in Rancho Bernardo for dim sum.  By the way, I still think Emerald (on Convoy) is the best place for dim sum, even if Pearl is their sister restaurant.  Then there was some transferring of beer from the primary fermenter to the secondary fermenter.  Some cleaning and a movie (I Am Legend) and random dinners made from the freezer and then it was time to go back to work!

It’s been pretty warm lately, which doesn’t make me excited about cooking.  However, it does save us money, so I try and resist the urge to just go out for dinner as much as I can.  Sometimes, though, I just really want something yummy without having to make it myself.  This is where Holi Moli Ravioli comes in (I talked about it earlier, remember?)

Fancy pasta with fancy sauces for a not-too-fancy price?  I’m totally there!  The first time I ordered from them, I ordered 2 mini sizes of ravioli – lobster and broccoli, and the pear ravioli.  You get 6 ravioli in a mini size, which is a perfect size for one person, especially if you eat the roll they give with you.  It comes in handy when mopping up the tasty sauce left behind.  I would probably order a regular size if it was for dinner for T and me.  Add in a salad and you’ve got the perfect meal!

The lobster ravioli was good.  I got it in a cream sauce (yum!) and you could taste lobster (but not so much the broccoli).  The lobster is definitely not in large chunks, though.  More like the texture of canned crab meat?  Still good, though.  The pear ravioli is their signature dish (which is why I ordered it).  I think it’s just cheese ravioli in a cream sauce with pear and walnuts over it.  Rich, not too rich, and very tasty.  I was quite happy and we’re definitely going there again.  It’s mainly for take-out, but they do have tables if you want to eat there.  It’s in the shopping center with Petco and Dixieline, next to the Spicy Pickle (also a tasty spot to eat).

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  1. Can only see the eye of the dog, but looks like an ESKY! Right?

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