Still here

I’m still here, in one piece, just trying to get through the week.  I’m getting pretty good at riding in first gear, although I’m afraid parking lots won’t be long enough for me to ever get into second.  I’m also amazed that going 15 mph on a motorcycle feels incredibly fast, but going 20 mph in my car feels like a snail’s pace.  Weird.  Poor T spent an hour reading in a parking lot the other night so I could do loops on the bike and get comfortable with riding.  He’s a good guy.

There’s a new water ice place in Carmel Mountain called Flavors Italian Ice.  It’s in the center with Home Depot and Pat and Oscars, but right now it’s kind of just a kiosk.  Just so you know what to look for, because I was looking for a storefront and got confused.  I have to say, it’s no Rita’s, but it’ll do.  I recommend the fruity flavors over ones that sound like they belong in gelato (mint choc chip, chocolate, etc.) although the vanilla was very good.  They don’t make it on site, so they ship it in (which mean, techincally, it’s still “wooter” ice) but I don’t think you would be able to tell.  It’s soft and creamy, not grainy and it’s pretty refreshing.  A small is $2, medium is $3, and a large is $5.  I think the medium is a very good portion.  If we went often enough, I’d probably just stick with a small.  There are plans for them to eventually move into a store space, which means they’ll add the softserve so they can do blended drinks (like Rita’s).  That will be pretty awesome.  In the meantime, it’s a nice cool treat just in time for summer.  There’s also a second location in Hillcrest.  Go get some water ice so they can make money and move into the storefront and I can have my blended water ice treats! 

And, lastly, there is a contest to tell you about.  It’s not mine, but I wish it was (if anyone from McCormick would like some PR, I am happy to do so).  Go add a comment before July 17, 2008 with your e-mail and you could win a fantastic assortment of McCormick grilling spices, including a low sodium version of Montreal Steak marinade.  The Montreal Steak seasoning is pretty much the best thing ever to put on beef, so I’m sure a marinade would be quite tasty as well.


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