Backyards and creepy dudes

Our landscape folk have started tearing up the yard.  They started with ripping up the dead grass and I guess we’ll go from there.  It’s quite interesting to watch the demolition.  We’re also trying to phase it so the dogs get a tiny piece of outside for most of the renovation instead of being locked in the house all day.  It would be nice if we could come home in the middle of the day to let them out, but it’s just not practical.  They’re actually good at holding it all day (we’ve done it before when the back fence went up) as long as I come straight home from work.  And, I placed some puppy pads down just in case.  Although, it’s been so long I’m not sure any of them remember what those are for.  Technically, they should all be scared to pee anywhere that it not outdoors by now.  Of course, with my new work schedule, I’ll get home at noon on Fridays, which is totally nice for all of us.

T took pictures of the “before” and I also have pictures from when we bought the house (back when the lawn was still nice and green), so it’ll be fun to compare them to the “after” pictures.  Time to start shopping for patio furniture! 

Also, I’m now in need of a good helmet and jacket since T finally bought his motorcycle.  I’m one of those gals that buys on “pretty” rather than price, but I’d rather not spend a fortune.  Plus, I don’t really know what I’m looking for in either.

In totally unrelated news, T was talking to a neighbor today and found out that another neighbor has been arrested (or arraigned or something) for looking at kiddie you-know-what.  You know, the illegal type of activity.  I’m not going to spell it out for you because I don’t want that kind of Google traffic, but you can read about it here and here.  Apparently there was a whole SWAT team-type of raid last year, but I don’t remember it.  Maybe I was out of town.  I think I’d remember a SWAT team in my neighborhood.  It’s the guy who was trying to sell his big solar-powered house last year for a ton of money.  My only experience with that family is in the early morning when I’m trying to sleep but the mom is yelling at the kids to hurry up and get ready.  Or hurry up and eat breakfast.  Or yelling at the dog that is locked outside and is only a small Boston Terrier to stop making noise.  Anyway, I’m not sure where the case goes from here, but the neighbors are all bothered because now it’ll show up that there is an “offender” in the neighborhood and that will affect home sales and also values.  Because home sales were booming before this happened, you know.  I just think the whole thing is creepy, especially since the entire cul-de-sac he lives on is full of families with little kids.  Eww. 


One response to “Backyards and creepy dudes

  1. Wow! If he goes to jail, maybe you can adopt his dog.

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