You know what they say about fish and guests

We had friends in town for about 4 days and it was tiring.  I could be petty and specify that they were not specifically “my” friends or “our” friends but, rather, “his” friends but I won’t.  I’ll just say that it is infinitely more exhausting to entertain people during the week (you know, when you have to get up early, work, come home and not relax, and then go out to do something) than it is just over the weekend.  I’m also extrement grateful that Cami was willing to give me some desperately needed girl time so I could get all my complaining out and not have it fester in my head, where it would most likely have exploded from my mouth at some ill-timed moment in front of T.  And then I might have to do this all over again in August.  Personally, I think it’s unfair to schedule a second visit before your first one is even over, leading me to enter a state of high anxiety for the next two months.  I’m also pretty sure you’re supposed to wait to be invited back and not assume that just because you can arrange to be in town you are automatically invited here.  Also, even if you’re told to make yourself at home and are welcome to whatever food we have, perhaps you should make yourself a little less-at-home when meeting a fairly important significant other for the very first time.

Okay.  I’m done ranting.  Probably. 

The good news is that I learned I often completely underestimate T and that he always behaves in a way to let me know that I am important to him and, if needed, he will take my side.  And he generally knows when something is bothering me and I am unhappy.  And he tries to work the situation towards a compromise, something I am working to accept instead of just fighting it out of stubborness.  I am a lucky girl.

We also picked out the exact paver stones we want to use, which was more involved than I ever imagined.  And I discovered that there is new gopher activity near my precious garden (where I harvested 2 eggplants and 2 bell peppers!) so that gopher gasser better get back out here and take care of it.  For free, since it’s only been 2 weeks since he claimed to kill the gopher in the first place.  Now, granted, it could be a brand new gopher and the original one is dead in a tunnel, but the point is that we were guaranteed a gopher-free existence for 30 days and I’m holding him to that!

I’m looking forward to a nice quiet week and a visit to the Fair next weekend.  Some fried food, grilled corn, beer tasting, bratwurst, and a Strongman competition.  As long as it’s spent with good friends, what could be any better?  And maybe my mom will come with us!  Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ll have to say good-bye to one of our friends.  He’s leaving beautiful San Diego (I know, isn’t he crazy?) for Seattle, a city that, while beautiful, has something like 55 days of sunshine all year.


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