I am a twit, but a green twit

And what do twits do?  They Twitter!  Yeah, I’ve joined the Twitter community.  I’m sorry.  The good news is that I’ve followed my conventional jumping-on-the-bandwagon philosophy and waited until just about everyone else in the world is doing it.  And then I join in.  I’ve also joined Facebook, but those two are completely separate because if the people on Facebook ever found me here, do you know who would be stalking me?  Well, no, of course you don’t.  But I do.  And that would be bad.

I’ve also discovered this awesome new diet.  It involves not eating a bunch of bad food, eating more salads, and expending energy by doing this thing called “exercise”.  It’s pretty cool.  I’m pretty sure if I come up with a catchy name I could write a book and make tons of money.

And, while the price of everything is going up (and up) and people are trying to save money (but stay out of my Wal-Mart!  I like that it’s not crazy yet), I keep reading articles about how people still want to “live green”.  Of course, I also read articles that say people view “green” household items as a luxury since they typically cost more than conventional items (and have no coupons).  Because I went on a crazy Method shopping spree after Christmas when there was a big sale, we have no need to buy any cleaners, soaps, or detergent.  We do buy Cascade (non-green! environment-killing!) dishwasher cubes because I haven’t seen any from Method, aside from the ones on their site.  Ahem.  Personally, I think if you find Method on sale (at Target), it’s not a bad price and you don’t have to feel bad about using it on surfaces where your dogs walk and then lick their feet.

While we were in Target the other night, though, I noticed that there was a whole new display of non-toxic cleaners.  Mrs. Meyers has shelves of sprays, wipes, detergent, soaps, and other stuff sitting right next Method.  I always hear good things about Mrs. Meyers cleaning products (especially the scents), but I think the closest place to buy them was Whole Foods (which is totally crazy busy and I don’t go there).  So, if you’re a fan of Mrs. Meyers stuff, go to Target and check them out!  I didn’t notice the prices – I was a little in shock that Method now has a competitor to deal with.  Did you hear that Method?  You have competition in the Target aisles!  So step up your game and bring me my dish cubes!

Oh, apparently ladyfinger season at Trader Joe’s is over, because I couldn’t find them in our store.  I still have enough boxes to make one more, though, so we’ll have to find a special occasion to do so. 

That’s it.  We’re killing gophers tomorrow (well, not “we” but the guy we hired).  I wonder if he’ll be a crazy rodent-gassing maniac.  At the same time (because we are home-maintenance multitaskers!) we’re meeting with the first landscape guy to go over changes to his quote.  I like him.  Hopefully he’ll answer T’s questions sufficiently so we can just hire him and get it over with.  I may get lambasted by suffragettes everywhere for saying this, but I like having a guy around to ask the tough questions so I don’t have to.  I don’t want to be the “mean” one.  I want to be the cute one who just sits there and keeps the dogs calm.

Then we’ve got some wine tasting and a Padres game lined up.  Yay weekends!


2 responses to “I am a twit, but a green twit

  1. I’ve tried the method dishwasher tablets and they werent very good. I had to wash everything twice, which isnt very environmentally friendly! I do use their regular dishwashing liquid, hand soap, and clothes washing stuff. I’ve never seen it on sale yet!!

    Good luck with the gophers. They suck. They snipped off all my peas at the base and the chard from just above the roots. I wouldnt mind if they ate the plant but they just leave it to die!

  2. Huh. Well, having to wash dishes twice definitely isn’t good. We’ve been using the Cascade Action Pacs and they’re the best we’ve found so far. Clean dishes and no film on anything after it’s dried. I’d probably be hesitant to try something different, anyway.

    Yeah, I could deal with plants being eaten, but it seems so wasteful to have a plant stem clipped and left to die! I’ll let you know if the gassing works.

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