Bunnies, abducted veggies, and Other

There’s been a lot going on lately, and now that our vacation is over and we have the rest of the summer to plan, we’re kind of in hang-out-at-home mode.  We have ideas for some quick trips and plenty of calendar-filling things to consider.  Lots going on, I tell you!  Also, I don’t feel like forming complete paragraphs, nor do I feel like following a consistent train of thought.  So, bullet items to follow!

  • My best friend (I’ve known her for over half my life!) turned, ahem, 30 and to celebrate we all attended a very lovely prom, complete with theme and photo booth.  It was grand, especially with the spiked punch.  I’m also guessing most people got as, uh, “lucky” that night as with their original prom.
  • The roller hockey league that T plays in has switched his team to Tuesday night games.  This means Monday nights are free for half-priced sushi at Poway Sushi Lounge!  Yay!  I love half-priced Monday way more than happy hour, as I think you get more food for better prices.  I know we definitely spend less on Mondays that during happy hour.  Also, we decided we still want to frequent Sushi USA for their non-roll items (because it is plentiful and beautiful).
  • I spent well over an hour one weekend brushing Sadie (the husky) and managed to do a decent job getting her fluffy undercoat under control.  To me, she looks like a different dog now and there are considerably fewer fur fluffs lying around.  Now I just need to convince her to let me keep doing it so we maintain some semblance of fur control.  Whose bright idea was it to get a husky??  Oh, that’s right.  Not my idea.
  • Our boys have become “members” at Patrick’s.  This became quite a process as you have to choose a 3-digit number for your pint spot and a nickname (not to exceed 11 characters) to be engraved on the glass.  This is a big committment!  You have to pick a number you’ll remember and one that isn’t already taken.  Aside from various bragging rights, there are apparently financial benefits to membership as well.  I don’t know what they are, but the boys seem excited.  Also, Patrick’s still has very awesome fish and chips.  Mmm… lemon aioli…
  • There is a bunny that is living somewhere in the yard.  Or living somewhere else and coming into the yard somehow.  I’ve seen it, jumping on the “grass”.  Sometimes the dogs see it, sometimes they are too busy lying on the couch.  I had thought this bunny was getting into the garden (by going under the fence we set up) and had stolen my eggplant and basil plant (whole plant, gone, nothing left!).  It was also my prime suspect in the cruel tomato killing (one bite through the stem, nothing taken, dead plant), but then I came out one day and saw no holes under the fence, obvious underground burrowing, and one more tomato plant murdered.  So, did a gopher take my plants?  Or just kill the tomato ones?  We are hiring a gopher guy to “take care of our problem” and I feel no sadness for the gopher demise.  I worked hard on that garden!
  • We are also in the process of evaluating landscape quotes to redo the back yard.  Still.  It’s very expensive and there are so many options it’ll make your head spin.  T is in charge of the final quote-haggling as I am lousy at such things.  If it were left up to me, somehow I’d decrease the scope but want to give them more money.  I’m also considering installing a fan pointed at the fence to blow the neighbor’s stinky cigar smoke back at them.  I feel absolutely no guilt when Cassie still barks at them because a) their stupid fence guy left a gap between boards so she can see them, b) when their daughter visits, so does an annoying yappy dog called Patrick who is the one initiating the barking anyway, and c) their cigar smoke is more annoying than Cassie.  At least Cassie’s cute.
  • I hate that fence guy.  Not even strong dislike.  Hate.
  • The raised garden bed is finally filled in with soil and I have planted herbs and some random seedlings that I started but can’t remember what they are.  If the area got more direct sun, I’d plant tomatoes in there and taunt the gopher, but, alas, it does not.

I am totally looking forward to this summer.  There are plans for friends to come visit, plans to go visit friends, and plenty of time to just have fun.  I want to use the grill as much as possible and find a good spot for our hammock.  I want to appreciate the fact that we are in a good spot in our lives.  Our friends are close, our jobs are good, and we can afford to do the things that make us happy. 


One response to “Bunnies, abducted veggies, and Other

  1. Good luck with your gopher problem! It’s better to take care of it earlier than later becuz they breed like crazy! Ours made at least 12 new holes in our yard yesterday alone!

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