Align – probiotics in pill form!

Before we left for our cruise, I received a 7-day sample of Align.  According to the website, “Align is a daily dietary supplement that works naturally to help build and maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system.”  The package says that it helps alleviate digestive problems that come with stress, travel, and eating out.  Now, this may be too much information for you, but almost every time we go on a trip, there are issues.  Not big ones, just little annoyances due to being away from home or having funny eating schedules.  Certainly nothing I’m blaming on eating different food or whatever.  I think my body just gets a little travel-stressed.

So, I thought I’d see if taking Align on the cruise would do anything.  Granted, Align is designed as a continuous program, something you take every day forever, not just for a week.  But I was willing to give it a week-long chance anyway.  I mean, we were going to be on a cruise ship with lots of food, most of it rich and decadent, plus there would be ship-rocking and all sorts of schedule adjustments.

Whether it was positive thinking, mental placebo effect, or the fact that we didn’t really gorge ourselves like the last time, I think Align worked.  I didn’t get bloated at all the entire time we were gone, even when we were in Seattle and didn’t have lunch until 3 pm.  So, while conceding that a week probably isn’t the best way to evaluate the product, I am happy enough with its performance that I’ll probably look into ordering some for future trips.  Depending on where you buy it (the website has a page full of links), I think it works out to a little more than $1 a day, which isn’t cheap but is certainly worth the lack of discomfort.


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