Permanent straws

Did you know you can buy non-disposable straws?  Well, you can!  At least at Target, and at least this summer.  I went in to see if I could find more salad bowls.  See, I’ve found that I love the bowls so much I’d be really sad if something happened to the 2 that I have.  Or if they got worn out or something.  I did manage to find 2 that had all their pieces (are people stealing the little dressing cup?  Because that’s the part that’s always missing) although I now have one blue bowl with white fork and cup.

Then I found these cute, disposable, bendy straws with flamingos on them.  How can you pass up flamingos?  I hesitated, because I generally don’t like disposable straws, but I couldn’t resist.  And then!  I found acrylic straws meant to be washed and reused!  At least, I assume they are meant to be reused since you only get 8 of them.

See, I like to drink my water+lemon or fruit juice+soda with ice (in my glass POM tea glasses) but sometimes the ice gets in the way and you can’t efficiently get any liquid to your mouth.  For a while, we had leftover party straws in the house, but those are long gone and I didn’t buy any more.  But, now I can have straws all the time!  I’m using one right now in my glass of Just Cranberry juice (which is totally unsweetened, by the way, and not fun to drink).

I feel good about my purchase.  I’m stimulating the economy AND helping save the environment.  All at the same time.


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  1. thanks for the info

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