CSI has made me sad

I have been slowly going through the tv shows on the DVR from when we were on vacation.  This means that I’m way behind on a lot of season finales (but not Lost, that’s tonight!) with exciting endings.  Well, actually, I take that back.  I guess there weren’t too many cliffhangers that I’ve watched.  Desperate Housewives kind of wrapped things up (not neatly, but wrapped up nonetheless).  Umm… maybe that’s the only finale I’ve watched.  I just finished watching CSI: Las Vegas, a show that I’m oddly addicted to even though I don’t like the spin-offs it’s produced.  Maybe it’s the wacky cases they get, being in Las Vegas.  Anyway, I don’t consider the ending to be a cliffhanger.  But it still sucked.

(spoiler below, although I can’t imagine how you can be more behind in tv watching than I am.

They shot Warrick!  How could they do that?  I know he was getting ready to leave the show, but couldn’t they just let him leave?  Did they have to get him shot in the head??  I’ve read a few things where people are hoping he’ll survive, but they guy was shot in the head and neck, like, 3 times.  I’m pretty sure he’s a goner.  I’m sad.  Warrick was pretty cute, even if he did start to get crazy and aggressive in the last few episodes.  I’ll probably still watch, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it as much.


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