three day weekends are awesome

Did you have a nice Memorial Day Weekend?  Did you truly appreciate the fact that after not working for 2 days in a row you goto to indulge in an extra day off???  Or are you one of those people who doesn’t really work during the week anyway, in which case I am slightly jealous of you?

We had one of those rare weekend where not only we were home with no big plans but all our friends were in town with no big plans as well.  Really, this doesn’t happen too often, so it was quite exciting.  We had a night of Rock Band and NY Giant Pizza, a Spaghetti Western night (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with requisite spaghetti), sushi and some Patrick’s enjoyment, and then a good ol’ fashioned bbq.  Whee!

Movie theme nights are quite fun and I think we should keep doing them.  We started with Tampopo, which means that you really should eat some ramen for dinner.  Then we had our Spaghetti Western night, except that instead of spaghetti we ate our meat sauce on bucatini.  Bucatini is like a thick, hollow spaghetti.  It holds the sauce nicely, but because it’s hollow it’s really hard to slurp up the noodles (think of trying to suck a straw into your mouth)!  I also kind of burned the garlic bread.  All in all, though, I think we had a good dinner.  We’re thinking of moving on to Smokey and the Bandit for the next movie, maybe with chili and cornbread and Coors for dinner?

We also went to see the Indiana Jones movie.  I don’t know how the crowds were in your area, but our Poway theater was very un-crowded Thursday night.  Yay!  I liked the movie and I appreciated the Indy-ness that got woven in, but some parts were just silly.  I mean, I understand it had to be there to keep with the legends and whatnot, but still…  Now I’m just eagerly waiting to see The Dark Knight.  That’ll be so awesome.  I still don’t want to see it at midnight, though.  I want to be awake enough to really enjoy it!

In some ways, our three day weekend was so jam-packed with fun that it almost felt shorter than a typical weekend!  I was very happy to get to spend so much time with our friends, though. 


One response to “three day weekends are awesome

  1. I love three-day weekends so much! I’ve never done a theme-movie night with friends, but it sounds like a really fun idea. Randy and I bought this totally tacky book from the clearance rack at Barnes and Noble like five years ago. It’s from this old cable show, “Dinner and a Movie” and it gives movie suggestions and recipes to pair with them. It’s kinda dorky, but fun too. Check it out.

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