Target salad bowl update

So, I was determined to find a picture of my new salad bowl, and I sort of succeeded.  Biggie at Lunch in a Box took an in-store picture to go with her extensive review.  You can see the salad bowl (oval) and the divided lunch container (rectangle), along with the kid’s lunchbox (that holds a drink), and a larger salad bowl (for picnics, maybe?)

I guess it’s worth noting that the salad bowl isn’t leak-proof.  I can see this being an issue with the lunch container, if you were packing foods with a sauce or something that could leak out.  But it’s not that big a deal (to me) with the salad bowl.  My undressed salads are pretty dry and there’s nothing to leak.  I put the dressing in the little cup and it stays put quite well.  I haven’t had it fall out of the cover.  The fork does sometimes fall out, even when I make sure it “clicked” into place.  The fork itself is sturdier than a typical plastic fork but, of course, not as sturdy as a metal one.  I haven’t measured the sauce cup, but it looks like it holds maybe 2-3 Tablespoons of liquid, which is more than enough to cover my salad.  I pour the dressing over the salad and then shake it all around (no dressing leaks through the cover, either) and any more dressing than that is actually too much for my tastes.

We have a fridge at work, so I don’t have to worry about keeping my salad (or any other food) cold.  I suppose if you didn’t have the luxury of a fridge you would need to find a lunch bag large enough to hold the bowl and an ice pack.

I don’t really have a need for a divided lunch container.  We usually package leftovers in one container (rice + meat/veg and/or sauce) to take for lunches and I find portioning it out into compartments is too much work.  But, I maintain that this salad bowl is the best design for taking salads and dressing to work in one convenient package.  Integrated dressing cups are a pain and often down work.  Having a separate, small container that locks in (and mine really does lock in nicely) is perfect.  It actually makes me want to eat salad, as odd as that sounds.

Never mind that an hour before lunch I was also thinking how tasty a steak burrito would be.


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