so tired

I’m still here… I’m just really tired.  That’s so lame to admit, especially because I don’t have any good reason.  Maybe it’s because we didn’t really get to sleep in over the weekend.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to get up earlier in the morning before work.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been slacking on exercising.  Maybe it’s because my brain is exhausted just thinking of everything we need to do before going on vacation next month.

Maybe I’m just tired.

We had a good weekend, though.  We met with two landscape contractors who should be working on a proposal or rough quote or something that would, I hope, help us figure out who to hire.  That is, of course, unless the cost to redo the backyard comes in ridiculously high.  I mean, the plans we have aren’t that grand, but it does require ripping everything out and starting from scratch, including a new irrigation system.  I think it we got it done the yard would look amazing, though.

We also ventured out to Earth Day in Balboa Park to wander among earth-friendly folk, people just looking for free samples, and a corridor composed of disgusting abortion pictures.  Is that really an effective way to get the message across?  Because it doesn’t really sway my mind one way or the other, I just think the pictures are unnecessary and graphic.

Because Earth Day always draws such a huge crowd, we took the opportunity to have brunch at Cafe Chloe and then ride our bikes from downtown to the Park.  It was a quick ride and much nicer than dealing with the lines of cars and terrible parking.  Plus, we had a lovely brunch with amazing coffee!  On the way back, we had lunch at Neighborhood Bar and, while my tuna salad was refreshing and good, T’s burger was out of this world.  It was like the cow knew it was going to become a burger so it worked really hard at becoming the best burger a cow could become.  Seriously, the burger didn’t even taste like a burger.  It was like a juicy, rich, decadent meaty sandwich on a soft roll.  Really good.

T leaves on Thursday for his Vegas hockey tournament.  I think it’s just a good excuse for all his buddies to get away for a good boys weekend without too much wifely nagging.  I’m going to fly out Friday night and then drive back with him.  The next week he goes off to D.C. for an ASCE meeting, throwing in a family visit and high school reunion in PA.  I wish I could go out with him for that trip, but I just don’t have the time to take off from work, especially since the next week we leave for our cruise to Alaska.  So busy.

Tonight was a meeting with our financial advisor where, if all goes as planned, reinvesting money from the condo sale should provide us a nice cushion in our old age.  Money for the deluxe RV and premium food for the RV-dog, and that’s not counting our retirement accounts.  At least, that’s what I hope will happen.  I do feel good about having money invested in different types of accounts.  Different income streams and all.

Tomorrow we do beer tasting to see how the home-brewed beer turned out.  I’ve had a headache for the last 3 days, so it would be nice if it went away by tomorrow.  I guess we’ll see.  Then, more meetings with the landscape people.

I’m off to bed.  My nice, comfy bed with the soft pillows.  A good night’s sleep would be pretty awesome.


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