Sonicare $10 coupon

Update: the Sonicare coupon is still valid, but you need to fill the form out yourself.  Just commenting here won’t do you any good.  Sorry!

Because I am lazy, I am going to make you sign up for your own $10 coupon.  It’s supposed to be a Refer a Friend type of link, but what if you want a coupon and I don’t know who you are? So, go here and fill in your information like you’re referring yourself and Sonicare will send you a $10 coupon for a toothbrush.

I’ve written about our Sonicare before, and even though ours was free (yay Bzzagent!) I really love the Flexcare toothbrush.  I was skeptical about really needing to change the brush head every 3 months, but I recently did put a new one on and it makes a noticeable difference.  So, I would say think about doing so every 3 months (more or less).  I haven’t seen the compact brush heads in the stores so I’ve been using the standard size head which seems to fit my small mouth just nicely.  I’m curious whether or not the compact head would fit even better…


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