Just another day

Okay, so I’m kind of glad there’s a kid out there with enough conviction to tell the Smithsonian they’ve made a mistake.  However, this article brings up a few things I would like to point out:

  • If the musuem paleobiology department knew the sign was wrong 27 years ago, why didn’t anyone at the museum listen to them?
  • His last name is Stufflebeam?  Really?  Does he get ridiculed a lot considering he comes off as a nerdy kid and he has a wonky last name?
  • This kid is totally going to grow up to be that guy in college who asks a bazillion questions in class and corrects the professor all the time.
  • Seriously.  Stufflebeam?

I’ve noticed that people are finding my site on a weekly basis by Googling “gruesome death pics”.  I have no idea why this site would come up, especially because I can’t get here running the same Google search.  It’s very bizarre to me. [edited to add: maybe they come here because I keep putting that phrase up wondering how they’re finding this site…]

Also, someone is looking for who is selling Trader Joe’s kitchen cloths.  Umm, that would be Trader Joe’s. 

To the person looking for vegetable shumai, Trader Joe’s sells one with an edamame on top and it is very tasty.  However, be forewarned that their vegetable shumai is not going to save you many calories or fat grams compared to shrimp shumai.  You’d think the vegetable version would be healthier, but it kind of isn’t.  It’s still really good, though.


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