Weekends at home rock!

There are times when we are traveling so much I feel like weekdays are only for unpacking, laundry, and repacking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our trips and knowing we’re about to embark on a mini-adventure.  But then we have a couple of weekends at home, weekends where sometimes we spend the whole day at home in pajamas, and it is relaxing and refreshing to just sit still for a while.  I’m sure the dogs enjoy us being home, too.

Of course, the best weekends at home are the ones we also spend with friends.  The more we “grow up”, the crazier all our schedules get, so it’s nice when everyone’s at home and free to play.   This weekend we hiked a mountain, ate pub grub, splurged on Korean bbq, and played Rock Band.  Actually, that was all just one day, since Sunday ended up being a stay-at-home day.  Although, we did end up with filled in gopher holes, a mowed lawn, and a vacuumed house.  And a washed husky!

It had been so long since we went hiking that I was really looking forward to huffing and puffing my way up Iron Mountain.  There are no better snacks than the ones you enjoy at the top of a mountain, enjoying the view and a well-deserved rest.  Originally, we were going to take Sadie since she’s the most social dog in the household and we’d be hiking with a group of people and other dogs.  After some consideration, though, we decided to take Lexi because she was bouncing off the walls and we figured she had the most energy to actually make it through the hike.  Well, I don’t know if the other two would have fared any better, but Lexi did not make it through the entire hike.  She made it to the top (3 miles) okay, slowing down a tiny bit but certainly making it over the rocky steps easier than I did.  After a rest at the top, some water and some treats (shared with the other Eskie on our hike), it seemed like the walk down would be a breeze.  But poor Lexi got so tired that she would just stop in the shade and sit (and pee).  At one point, I carried her down, but then she got heavy so I put her back down.  She made it to the porta-potties, so close to the end you could see the trailhead and cars, sat down in a small patch of grass/weeds, and pretty much planted her feet.  She was done.  T carried her back to the car, a furry tired lump in his arms.  I guess we’re all a little out of shape.

We found out the next day, as we were rubbing her tummy, that she ended up with a doggy blister on her front paw!  Poor puppy!  No wonder she’s been acting so sad!  I gave her extra treats and fed the dogs a nice dinner to make up for it.  Maybe this means we need to take the dogs on more walks and short hikes to get them acclimated.  Either that or just leave them at home when we do hike somewhere.  Our dogs just have such an easy life they aren’t used to the hard work of climbing up mountains!

Maybe instead of a doggy treat, Lexi would have been happier if we had taken her to Buga with us for some tasty meat.  We always have such a great meal there and it’s a lot of fun when you’re there with friends.  We’ve gone often enough, too, that I think we’ve figured out how much food to order so we’re all just full enough.  We had a group of 6, so we ordered 4 plates of meat, some lettuce and bean paste, and an order of mandoo.  I think we would have been okay without the mandoo, but fried dumplings are so hard to resist!  Mmm…  I’m happy just thinking about that meal.

T and I are no video game buffs.  The only game system in the house is my little Nintendo DS Lite.  But we sure enjoy playing when we visit our friends!  Now, if the person who has Rock Band is busy with other plans, don’t you think it makes sense to just go buy the game for yourself?  Well, lucky for us, our friend Jeff thinks so, so we enjoyed a few hours drumming, singing, and guitar “strumming” thanks to his new purchase.  Rock Band is pretty fun, especially when played with people who don’t really care if you’re not all that great.

It was a good weekend.  We had lots of fun, ate really well, the dogs are clean and happy, and I’m almost refreshed enough to look forward to Monday.  Almost.  My mom always tells me we have too much fun and I guess that’s true.  I hope we always have too much fun!


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