Random tidbits

If you watch American Idol (I kind of just watch the auditions and part of the Hollywood episodes), could you please vote for David Archuleta?  He’s that adorably cute (as opposed to smokin’ hot cute) 16-year old kid.  I just adore him and every time he opens his mouth on tv I go, “Aww… he’s so cute!” and T is probably getting tired of it.  Anyway, we DVR the shows, so I’m never watching when the voting window is open (I assume the voting window closes within an hour or something?) so I don’t ever vote.  But, if you vote, would you please vote for him?  I would buy his CD over that Australian guy any day (although, I’d take the Australian guy whenever).

Also, I noticed someone Googled “recipe for shoes that dogs will not take” and I have to say that no such recipe exists.  If you have a shoe-taking dog, that dog will take any shoe it sees.  It doesn’t matter if you mix pleather with metal grommets and add a splash of rubber.  The dog will still take the shoe and chew on it.  Trust me.  The only true shoe protection is a cabinet or a closet.  I cleaned out half the closet in the dining room to install shoe racks from The Container Store and I’ve never been happier.  I don’t leave any shoes out, ever.  Sometimes I think about it, and then I remind myself to take the 3 seconds out of my life and put my shoes away on the shoe rack.  If dogs even hear you thinking about leaving shoes out, you can practically guarantee those shoes will be gone by morning.  Just don’t do it.

Other Googles:

trader joes detox” (and variations thereon) – I did read in the latest flyer that TJ now sells a set of detox pills designed to take over a 2-week period.  I haven’t tried it, nor have I even seen it, but I put a lot of faith in TJ and trust that they wouldn’t sell a product that might be harmful.  As to its effectiveness, I can’t really say.  But I am willing to give it a try at some point in the future.

tiny dogs” – I have no tiny dogs!  My dogs are not tiny!  The husky alone is a big (to me) hulking bunch of fur who steps on me all the time.  I think I have found that I’m not even a fan of tiny dogs.  My dogs are just the right size that when they place their head in my lap, calmly and rarely, they emit enough heat to keep me warm.  Tiny dogs don’t do that.

tapas picasso happy hour monday” – Actually, Tapas Picasso holds their happy hour every day of the week, which makes it a pretty good happy hour.  I think it’s from 5 to 7 pm.  Get the fried potatoes and fried chorizo.  And the baked garlic (which isn’t on the happy hour menu but you get $1 off and it is so good).

That’s about it.  People search for funny things and I always wonder what they think when they click on a link and end up here.  I can’t be that helpful, I don’t think.  Except when it comes to the Mr. Hummos searches.  Because I have written a post!  It’s the most information on the internet concerning this eatery! 


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