Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ, revisited

T is a cheap date.  I say this because when it was my birthday, I asked to go to the Marine Room for brunch.  For his birthday, he asked to go to Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ.  And so we went.

Now, I had every intention of taking pictures for you, to show you the yumminess that is served.  But, alas, I failed once again, being hungry and overwhelmed by the food placed before me.  The camera never even made it out of my purse.  Luckily for you, I have vowed that we will keep going to Joey’s until I have taken good-looking pictures.

T ordered brisket (which ended up as the sandwich brisket as they ran out of sliced brisket) with bakes beans and I ordered the tri-tip salad.  With a baked yam.  And a slice of pecan pie for dessert (to share!  it was his birthday!).  The place was pretty packed for a Monday night (which we later realized was also a holiday for some people) but I don’t think it took too long to get our food.  The baked yam was soft and oozy with two scoops of brown sugar butter on top.  I only needed one, seriously, so I moved the other to the side and then later ate it with the cornbread.  I did this mainly because I could, not because the cornbread needed more sweetness.  My salad was flowing with pieces of tri-tip, with the various salad components underneath.  All in all, a good hearty salad though I could have done without the chopped red onion.  I don’t like onion breath.  The tri-tip was much like the stuff on the sandwich – tender and tasty.  The salad also came with two huge onion rings.  I don’t know if I could go through an actual order of onion rings, but the ones we had were good.  Not too doughy, crisp, and the onion didn’t slide out when you bit it.

The brisket, though chopped, was just as tender and flavorful as ever.  Definitely not mushy (like we thought the pulled pork was).  I think the winner of the night was the brisket.  It will probably always win.  The baked beans were good, not too sweet or heavy, just not spectacular. 

By this point, we were full.  I was actually too full, although I still don’t know how I got that way.  One moment I was happy, the next I was overstuffed.  I’m sure taking a bite of pecan pie didn’t help, but it was still warm and gooey and I couldn’t resist!  We wrapped up the leftover brisket and tri-tip, along with the pecan pie, and waddled to the car to go home.  I haven’t looked in the fridge lately, so chances are the leftovers have already been consumed.  I suppose it’s just as well.

Driving home, I mused that it was quite possible I would rather eat at Joey’s than Phil’s.  I only eat the Broham (pulled pork) at Phil’s and lately have found their bbq sauce too syrupy sweet.  While Joey’s pulled pork is a little too soft (although, maybe it was just that day), at least their bbq sauce is better.  Plus, there are so many things on Joey’s menu that I would eat (and so many we have yet to try) that I would always be happy at Joey’s.  It’s certainly closer to home, so that’s a bonus.  I’m pretty happy they’ve opened and hope they continue to thrive.

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