Back and so busy

We attended an engineering conference last weekend in Vegas and had a blast.  Our local chapter officers usually all attend and, while we do spend 2 days in conference rooms listening to various speakers and roundtables, we all live for the “unofficial” socials.  It’s the best time to get to know not only your fellow officers, but people from all over the Western states.  Let me tell you, the people who look all business during the day can party like no other once the sun goes down.  Also, there is no last call in Vegas, which can make for some tricky morning attendance the next day.  We had an awesome time, there was much learning and drinking involved, as well as some mechanical bull riding. 

Now that we’re back, we’re falling into our typical jam-packed schedules.  I had some downtime Monday morning, but then we went out to see the 3D U2 concert Tuesday with friends (pretty cool, let me tell you), we are meeting again with a financial planner (I’d say “ours” but I don’t think that’s accurate until we actually give him money) Wednesday, V-day is, well, on V-day and then we might see other friends on Friday night.  Not to mention lots of actual work to do, which has been keeping T at the office late.  Add in visiting friends this weekend, a possible brunch with my mom (and friends) Sunday, going out for T’s birthday (and also on his actual birthday), and I’m tired already!  I say it’s exhausting, but we love doing it.  I’m grateful our friends live so close that semi-last minute get togethers are possible.

Meanwhile, I am totally behind on what’s going on with American Idol (ha ha ha) and I missed the last 5 minutes of Lost (stupid DVR… or cable schedule), but I hear that Pushing Daisies might be coming back.  Also, I am a fan of Moment of Truth because I like yelling at the tv and commenting how dumb people are.  It’s a truly guilty pleasure, that show, done as only FOX could do.

I’ve also not been cooking much (dinner on Monday consisted of a quasi-omelet of fennel and garlic), but I did finally make the edamame my mom told me about.  It’s like the dish you can get at Roy’s, but better, somehow.  When I finally have time to sit down and write it up, you’ll thank me (and I guess my mom) and wonder how you could have spent so much of your life eating plain edamame.


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