Pita, take 1

On the rainy rainy Sunday, while we half-heartedly watched the Super Bowl next to a curled up cat, 2 white dogs, and 1 mud-covered wet dog (hooray for dog blankets on the couch!), I decided to make pita bread.  I wanted to make no-knead bread, but I didn’t get the dough started early enough.  Then I wanted to make canneles, but again the batter didn’t get made in time to let it rest for 12 hours.  But, being stuck at home all day is the perfect time to make bread that has to rise and get kneaded and then bake.  I would have to settle for a simple recipe.  Pita bread sounded both suitable and yummy (I was probably thinking of the sandwiches from the Pita Pit in Mammoth and from Mr. Hummos) and there was even a recipe I’ve been waiting to try, from Farmgirl Fare (to whom I am grateful for doing all that pita research and testing so I don’t have to).

I’m going to have to play around with these a little more, as I only had 1 pita puff out of 8.   I just sliced a couple up and we ate it warm with hummus (from the Poway farmers market!) and the others will get wrapped up.  Perhaps I’ll make an egg pita to take for breakfast one of these mornings.  They taste pretty good and the texture is great and I can tell they’d make awesome pita chips.  If we have enough leftover to get to that stage.  Even though mine didn’t puff and didn’t make a pocket in the middle, the recipe was very easy to follow and make, so it’ll probably become my go-to for pita bread until someone can point out a better one that works for me.

Now I’m craving gyros…


3 responses to “Pita, take 1

  1. I love making pita bread, somehow so satisfying for not too much work. I’m wondering how hot your oven was? I found I needed a really hot oven and for them to be on a really hot surface(pizza stone is best but I used a baking sheet) in order for them to puff up.

  2. I read thru that whole Farmgirl Fare article and it was absolutely delightful!

  3. Hmm… the oven was at 500F, but I didn’t drop the pita dough onto a hot surface. Maybe I’ll try that next time. Even unpuffed, they’re still really good and make for yummy egg breakfast sandwiches.

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