Spicy Pickle – Poway

T and I started out with a “rainy day” at home – late breakfast, house puttering, computer playing, tree trimming (that was all me), and dog piles – until I got an itch to actually leave the house and go somewhere. I was envisioning a car ride somewhere, anywhere, but we ended up taking a walk.

We debated a few places for a late lunch (since we had plans for a night of Spanish tidbits with friends) that were within walking distance and close to the library. With an Entertainment Book coupon in hand, we headed for Spicy Pickle, near Dixieline and Petco. I don’t know what to compare Spicy Pickle to, but they offer paninis, subs, salads, pizza-ish type things, and soups. We had the Yard Bird sub and the Italian panini, both of which come with a pickle. A spicy pickle (but not too spicy), of course.

The Yard Bird had turkey, apple, blue cheese, bacon, tomato, and spinach. How could you go wrong? The apple was actually a nice touch, adding some crunch and juicy sweetness. The sandwich as a whole was very tasty, but it had bacon and blue cheese, so how could it be anything but good? The bread was a soft roll and just the right thickness. I don’t like sandwiches that are more bread than filling. T preferred my sub to his panini, which was your standard Italian meats in grilled bread, but I was very impressed with their panini. The outside was perfectly crispy but not greasy at all. I think if you could have taken my filling and put it in his bread, you’d have the perfect sandwich.

It’s the first time we had eaten at Spicy Pickle and if there was one closer to where we worked, I’m sure we’d go more often. But, since it’s rare we eat out for lunch on weekends, I don’t know how often we’ll go back. If you have a Spicy Pickle near you for lunch, I don’t think you’d be disappointed to give them a try.

On a side note, it looked like the Pick-up Stix next door closed? It certainly wasn’t open and there were a couple of ladder inside. We’ve probably only ordered food there twice (at the Poway location), but it was comforting knowing they were there.

On the way back, we stopped at the library and got ourselves some library cards. I didn’t know the library was open until 8pm during the week…. for some reason I thought they closed much earlier, so I didn’t know how I’d ever manage to get there while they were open. There’s actually a huge selection of magazines, so I could see stopping in to check on the few that I stopped subscribing to. And, with their online catalog, we can see what books are in stock and then reserve them to pick up later. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t really see how good their DVD selection is, but I know my dad is always renting movies from their library. T brought home a stack of 5 books already!

We also recently took a class at Barbeques Galore. It was a lot of fun, so don’t let me forget to tell you about it. And the drunk people at the other end of the class!


4 responses to “Spicy Pickle – Poway

  1. I keep meaning to try to Spicy Pickle but it’s really not anywhere close to us. I’ll have to make something up 🙂

  2. I’ve eaten at the Spicy Pickle quite a few times. The owners seem nice enough, but they are just a little TOO enthusiastic for our liking. Sometimes I just want to get a sandwich and eat in peace, but since it’s a little neighborhood, I don’t like being recognized and chatted up every time.

  3. what happened to the pick up stix? and what happened to the Its a grind? why did they close?

  4. I don’t know why they closed, they just did. Probably due to lack of business.

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