Send us to Napa!

Today is February 3 and the contest closes on the 8th.  That means there are about 5 days where I’m supposed to reach out to the internet in the hopes of getting to the Top 10 of the Culinate contest.  Then, a panel of judges will narrow the field down.  I’m not even sure I qualify, as only food bloggers are eligible to win.  Do I talk about enough food here, as opposed to random other things?  The post I submitted is here, where I wax poetic about the marbled chocolate brownies made in my Baker’s Edge pan and how I love the calibrated milk meter glass.  It’s not really a “death by chocolate” recipe, like a flourless torte or anything, but remembering the fudginess of the brownies and how well the milk washed it down makes me, as a chocolate lover, very happy.  It also reminds me that I made the wrong recipe the other night.  I made the chewy brownies again and they still came out too cakey.  So, if you want dense fudgy brownies, go with the marbled recipe and you can opt to leave out the cheesecake part.

So, this contest… Starting Monday (the 4th) you can go vote for me by clicking on the picture link above.  Spread the word!  Seriously, I know my chances are slim to none (plus, I already won dinner at Manresa, so I feel like the food contest gods have already spread the love.  But, I had to try!


2 responses to “Send us to Napa!

  1. Okay, I voted for you. It took me 3 tries, as you know how computer-illiterate I am. Good luck!

  2. I have found that Betty Crocker’s Dark Chocolate brownies are the BEST….and the box is on sale at Von’s this week for 69 cents. I buy them by the 10’s and 20’s and give them away. So cheap, but so very, very good. especially frozen.

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