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Yes, yes, it’s the long awaited review of Mr. Hummos in Poway.  I swear, at least 2 people find my site every day searching for information on this “new” eatery.  Heck, I even tried to Google it and I came upon my own site!  Which was totally not helpful at all.  But now I have things to tell you about this tasty joint, which I hope will get more people in there and eating.

When the not-so-great Poway BBQ closed last year, it took a few months before we discovered who would be the new tenant.  It took a couple more months before we were sure they were open (assisted by the Now Open! sign that hung in front) and then it just never seemed convenient to stop there for dinner.  I always wanted to, but I also wanted to know what their menu was like before committing to a meal there.  I mean, you only get so many meals in a day and it’s important to make sure you enjoy as many as possible.

We were going to take our inaugural Mr. Hummos trip with our friends last night, but that got rescheduled (well, cancelled, actually) due to our busy schedules.  And I’d like to clarify that it’s not just our schedule that are busy, it’s theirs, too.  We are all busy people having too much fun!  So, Wednesday we had our fancy 3-course meal at 1500 Ocean, Thursday they had a client dinner, and Friday was our bbq class at Barbeques Galore in fancy-pants 4S Ranch.  The weekend is all planned up, too, so we’ll just have to have dinner with them another time.  Because it’s hard to see friends that live a whopping 7 minutes away (yes, I’ve timed it).  I’m kidding… we actually see them quite a bit, considering you have 4 people’s work and social schedules to coordinate!

Anyway, they took the initiative and ate at Mr. Hummos Wednesday and I got to hear about the tasty non-mushy tabbouleh salad and the fabulous falafel and kefta sandwiches.  T and I had no dinner plans for Thursday (well, we tentatively were going to eat at Costco) and he was going to be busy meeting with a financial guy (meeting with financial planners is almost more complicated than dealing with your money alone) so I thought I’d pick up a couple of things and we’d have dinner before going to Costco.  Right now, nobody cares about our lives and what we did, you all just want to know about the food.

I only got the falafel ($4.95) and kefta ($6.45) sandwiches (two separate sandwiches).  In retrospect, I could have gotten something else and had the leftovers for lunch at work.  But I didn’t.  The sandwiches come with a side salad and a shot of hummos.  I don’t know why you get a shot of hummos, maybe to put on the salad?  To add to the sandwich?  Just to get a sense of how tasty their hummos is?  The pita bread is so good.  It’s soft and chewy (like how a fresh tortilla is a little chewy?) but tasty and when it’s wrapped around a good filling, it just makes you happy.  The falafel sandwich comes with a thin dipping sauce.  I have no idea what it is, but it’s good.  I think it’s their homemade tahini sauce.  I like tzatziki, though, which is what came with the kefta, the ground lamb and beef “roll”.

They also have entrees and baked pita dough dishes.  Oh, and five kinds of hummos dishes.  If they’re anything like the shot I tried, they will be yummy.  As a side note, I always spelled hummos with all “u”s, but they spell it with an “o”, so since I’m talking about their food, I’m going with their spelling. 

It’s good food and it’s not expensive.  You order at the counter but they have plenty of seating.  It looks like they didn’t do much remodeling at all because the space looks like it did when it was the bbq place.  But, everyone is very friendly and nice and the food is cooked up nice and fresh.  I was there at 6pm and it was completely empty, so please go in and try at least one meal.  I’d really like them to stick around.  I’m rooting for them much more than Poway BBQ.  I still like Pamir Kabob House, too, but this is very different.  I do wish they had gyros, but I’ll survive.

So, go eat at Poway Sushi Lounge on Mondays (but leave room for us at the sushi bar) and eat at Mr. Hummos any other day of the week.  Or go for lunch.  To entice you even more, I’ve even gone and scanned their menu for you!  Front and Back!

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8 responses to “Mr. Hummos

  1. Yay! I’m glad you finally got to review it for all of the internet world to see. 🙂 While I was out running errands for my Mexico trip, I stopped by to pick up another sandwich for lunch. It was yummy. And while it wasn’t crowded, in the time I ordered and got my food to go, 2 other groups of people had come in, too. Let’s hope they stick around!

  2. Maybe now that a review exists in the internet world, more people will be willing to try it!

  3. I’m glad you reviewed Mr. Hummos, too. Thanks for the menu scan!

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  6. Dennis & Ingrid

    Absolutely wonderful food and people. We
    have eaten there several times and will
    be going back much more often. Everything\
    is always fresh and the flavors are great.
    This great place should be full every day.

    Everyone I know that has tried it goes
    back over and over. Gotta’ get there!

  7. Add me to the list of people who found your site while searching for Mr. Hummos. 🙂 Coincedence or prepared surroundings? Thanks for sharing your honest opinions.

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