Happy Birthday!

To me!

I know, you’re not supposed to go around telling people it’s your birthday because it’s impolite or something.  Whatever.  It’s my birthday and I’m happy about it!

To celebrate (on Saturday), we are going to The Marine Room in La Jolla for one of their last high-tide brunches (of the season).  I’m pretty excited and I’m betting we’ll eat some good food while we’re there!

We’re also heading to The Linkery for dinner, tonight being my actual birthday and all.  I wonder what tasty dishes they have this week.

Ahh… I love birthdays!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday to YOU!

  2. Happy Burts-day! (At least, that’s what it sounds like when any of my German coworkers or relatives say it!)

  3. Happy birthday Leanne…hope you got the nice caards we sent you.

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