Menu for Hope – I’m a winner!

Chez Pim organized and hosted the 4th Menu for Hope, a fundraiser that provides support for the UN World Food Programme.  It’s pretty cool and every year they surpass their goal of raising more money than the previous year.  Can you believe that this year they raised over $91k??

Bloggers and chefs and important-food-people (oh my!) band together to donate prizes of food, books, and experiences for all over the world (really!).  Some are simple, like autographed cookbooks (if I had an autographed cookbook I would be so giddy) or chocolate baskets; others are well coveted (see this Tip Sheet that lists prizes and their respective odds of winning), like a tour of elBulli or dinner at some of the most praised restaurants around the world: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Manresa, and l’Arpège.  There are so many great prizes that you really have to just pick a few and go for it.

Now, donations have closed and winners have been picked.  If you read any sort of food blog (not this one), you’ll hear about the next Menu for Hope when it comes up.  So, why am I telling you about it now?

Because I won something!

I never win drawings, raffles, or contests.  But this year I figured that even if I won nothing, I could feel good about donating to a great program.  So, I gave some money, picked a crazy-odds prize that would be feasible should I win and a few other little ones.  Then, when the Tip Sheet went up and listed some prizes with just a few tickets (awesome odds), I gave some more money and bid for a couple of those.  I thought if I just won something small like a cookbook or chocolate I would be thrilled.  And I would get some yummy nibbles to boot.  I feel like I just won the food lottery, though, because I ended up with the Manresa dinner and tour.

I told T that now we have to go back up to San Fransisco so we can use thise prize.  Manresa is one of those places I would love to visit, but it probably wouldn’t have been a priority since a) it’s quite a drive from SF and b) T isn’t really all that excited about expensive menus, even if the food is an awesome experience.  He likes good food and he has no problem paying more for really good food, but it would have been hard to justify a dinner like Manresa to him.  Perhaps this visit will convince him that it really is worth it?

So, I am totally excited and absolutely looking forward to planning this trip and I will probably be embarassingly giddy when we finally get there.  I’m also a little scared because, what if I’m not food-savvy enough to truly appreciate my meal?  Rest assured, when we do this, I will come back with a full report.

Now, I’m also excited because I get to go to the Fancy Food Show on Sunday.  My friends Cami and Jeff* are going with Jeff’s parents, who run a cake and candy supply business, and when they heard how jealous I was, they asked him mom if she could sign me up, too!  I have awesome friends.  I figure this will be like when my dad goes to CES – so cool.  So Cool!

* Yes, real names.  I figure that the 5 people who read my “blog” probably won’t ever know enough to be able to stalk me or my friends and it’s just easier this way.


2 responses to “Menu for Hope – I’m a winner!

  1. Cool! Congratulations on your prize! That’s awesome! Definitely tell us all about your trip when you get back.

  2. Thank you for sharing thiss

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