Pictures of a tart

So, over the weekend I went to a… seminar? Workshop? It was an all day thing with this lady who goes over your body type and colors and you walk away with what makeup to wear, how to apply it, what color clothes to wear, what style of clothes to wear, what designer design for your body type, and a handy-dandy color swatch booklet that you can take shopping. She’ll also go through clothes you bring over and your makeup collection (a lot of mine got tossed out due to being “wrong”). Because it was an all day thing, we decided to do a potluck for lunch instead of ordering food. I volunteered to bring dessert because a) I love making desserts rather than entrees and b) I had fruit, almond paste, and a sheet of puff pastry left. I didn’t have apples, though, so instead of the Easy Apple Tart, I turned it into a cherry tart. And! I took pictures for you!

So, I forgot that I only used half the almond paste/egg spread for the one apple tart. I had wrapped up the other half and stuck it in the freezer to use later. I’ve edited the original post to reflect this. I don’t think it would be bad to use it all, you’ll just get twice as much almondy goodness. My point is, because I only used half, my easy tart got even easier. I defrosted the puff pastry sheet and then spread on almond paste/egg mixture on top.


Then I took cherries which I pitted and halved and smushed them into the almond paste. I didn’t measure, but it was maybe 3 cups of whole cherries? Is it really a big deal? If you pit too many cherries, just eat the extra as a snack. Or freeze them. Or simmer with sugar to make a yummy pancake sauce.


Yum yum yum. If the pastry wasn’t raw, this looked good enough to eat right now.


Baked at 400ºF for 15-20 minutes, it comes out all puffy on the edges and smelling just lovely. The only sad part is that the cherries lose that bright red color. They still taste good, though!


Let it cool a bit, then you can slice it any way you want. The cherry-almond combo sounded good to me, but I think I prefer it with apples. I bet peaches would be nice, too.


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