Resolution for the World

Dear World:

If you have not already made your New Year’s Resolutions, may I make a suggestion?  How about knocking it off with the “McDreamy” variants?  I understand that you (World) fell head over heels with the smokin’ hot doc on Grey’s Anatomy, played by Patrick Dempsey, and nicknamed him McDreamy.  It was cute.  But then everyone else started nicknaming everything in the same fashion.  Fatty McFatso.  Shouty McWhiny.  Then!  The new hot doctors on the show got nicknamed the same way!!  This craziness has to stop; it’s been going on for way too long.  Stop it.  Just, stop.  Seriously.

Much love,


ps – in order to play fair, I will post my resolutions here.  For all of the internet to see.  You may think they are weak resolutions and maybe even a cop out for hardcore, life changing resolutions and to you I say, “Tough cookies”.  They’re my resolutions and I think they’re actually doable. 

  • Brush the dogs at least once a week.  They look so good after being brushed and it really does help with the loose fur flying around.  The exception may be Lexi, who requires a muzzle and steel determination (on my part) during the grooming process.
  • Exercise at least three times a week.  Exercise counts as 30 minutes of anything.  Walking, running, hiking up a hill, hopping on the elliptical, etc.
  • Limit dinner meals to one red meat meal per week, Mon-Fri.  I think this is very doable considering I have left weekends to be open for anything.  I think the hardest part here will be when we have beef for dinner and also have a lot of leftovers.
  • Start making one meatless dinner per week.  I think this will actually be tough because we enjoy meat.  On the other hand, maybe we’ll find some good bean-based recipes.

That’s it.  I normally don’t make resolutions and I find it funny that if I had made these decisions in June they wouldn’t have the same connotations that “resolutions” do.


One response to “Resolution for the World

  1. littlemissjenny

    Those are good resolutions. I didn’t make any, because I know I would just fail. Here’s a link to one of my favorite veggie meals. It’s kinda low-brow, but tastes really good:

    If you ignore the name of the website, there are some good finds in there!

    Also, just wanted to say your entry about chocolate chip cookies changed my baking life. It had never crossed my mind to freeze the dough, so I could have a few cookies at a time instead of eating half a batch then giving or throwing the rest away. Thanks!

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