We made it home, safe and sound, bouncing through Denver on Frontier Airlines.  Did you know that you can listen to the Direct TV channels well after take-off?  You have to stare at a small message telling you to swipe your credit card to continue, but it’s easy enough to look past that and watch the dog show, or Paula Deen, or football.  Of course, eventually the Direct TV gets cut off and all you can see are advertisements and the map of where you are.  And, of course, the programming will get cut off just before they announce who won Best of Show. 

It was very cold in Philadelphia and Cape May.  I mean, it didn’t look that cold if you watched the people walking around, as many of them were dressed in just a coat with no hat or scarf, but I think that’s because they’re used to such weather.  I had a jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves and I still thought it was downright chilly. 

We ate plenty of food on our trip, including one awful bbq meal that should be ashamed of itself, a very good cheesesteak in historic Philadelphia, some wonderful Philly soft pretzels, and a dinner at T’s dad’s house where family and friends filled the place. 

Of course, now that we’re back we’re busier than ever and have no time to stop.  I have pictures to download, restaurants to scold, and lots to say, but it will have to wait until I have more time.  Oh!  My Chestnutter arrived in the mail and I have to say that it made for a much nicer chestnut experience.  Part of the success may be due to the nice Italian chustnuts from Trader Joe’s, but the Chestnutter certainly made lovely “x” cuts very easily.


One response to “Home!

  1. We’re glad you like our Chestnutter . . . please tell your friends there is still time to order one to enjoy the delicious/nutricious Chestnuts roasting over an open fire (or in the oven) this season.

    Happy Holidays –


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