Snow Day at the Zoo!


After spending a couple of hours at the museum, we wandered over to the Zoo.  Having a membership means that we can pop in whenever we want, essentially for free, and not feel obligated to spend the whole day there getting our money’s worth.  In this case, I just wanted to see the polar bears, as December 1st was Snow Day and that means the polar bears get snow brought in to play with!  Another perk of being a Zoo member is that we don’t have to pay to ride the Skyfari, saving us $12 for a round trip for both of us.  Crazy!  The Skyfari drops you off right next to the polar bears, so this was a really easy visit.

The snow is brought in Saturday morning, but there was still a good hill on Sunday and the polar bears were all congregated there, rolling around, and generally looking like they were having the time of their lives!


One of the younger polar bears started getting fiesty towards the mom, chasing her and then literally standing up to her!


The chase led to the edge of the water, where the second young polar bear was just hanging out, chewing on a branch.  Well, that led to him being pushed into the water, but he didn’t seem to mind.  There were balls and disks for him to play with, and he looked like he was having fun!



We stayed for a long time, watching the bears in the snow and watching the little guy in the water.  He got one of the balls stuck in a crevice, and it was pretty impressive watching him dive down to try and get it out, all while holding his breath!  After a while, he got the ball out, but then it got stuck and the whole process started over again.

Full of happy polar bear antics, we left the zoo and tried to figure out where to go for a late lunch.  We ended up at Phil’s BBQ, which can’t ever be a bad choice!  As we often do, we ordered way too much food but got to try the beef ribs (meaty and moist, better than Kansas City BBQ!), the baby backs (tender and good, but T does them just as well, if not better), and the chicken (moist and falling apart, but I was really full by that point, so I don’t remember it).  I love Phil’s.  If they made brisket or tri tip, they would be my favorite bbq joint ever.

But, stuffed from our second meal of the day, we still weren’t done!  A quick trip to Home Depot scored us a Christmas tree (just a Douglas fir, none of those $80 Noble Firs for us!), a rosemary plant, and some hooks for the mantel.  The Christmas tree hunt was the shortest ever!  We looked at a tree and deemed it unworthy.  I pointed to one in the back corner, T pulled it out, we ignored the slightly flat spot in the back (it’s the back, who cares?) and then went to pay.  The line was ridiculously long and slow, so I took the tag off the tree and paid in the garden center.  Then we decided that we didn’t need them to net or trim the tree, so T just carried it back to the car and we threw it in the trunk.  It actually didn’t leave many pine needles in the car and we trimmed it at home pretty easily.  Yay!  We were also going to buy LED lights for the tree, but apparently they’re all sold out.  Everywhere.  I guess this means people are becoming environmentall conscious?  Or they just want a lower electric bill.  Something.  We did pop into Wal-Mart to see if they had LED lights, but it was a madhouse so we just went home. 

The tree went up, water was filled, and ornament boxes came out of the garage.  And then we found out we have no ornament hooks.  Neither of us knows what happened to them, so the tree has minimal ornaments.  But it does have an angel on top and multi-colored, non-LED lights and it looks and smells great!  Once I get some ornament hooks, we’ll finish decorating.  I also need some garland for the deer’s antlers.

We ordered a pizza and ate a small dinner in front of the fire and celebrated our productive, jam-packed Sunday!  And then T went to bed because he had to get up early to drive to Riverside in the morning.


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