Happy Thanksgiving!

We are on our way to Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with my family (they live there, no I did not grow up there).  We plan on eating quite well, both at home and dining out around Vegas.  We’re also toting three dogs and a cat with us (Clair is staying home to guard the house and probably enjoy the peace and quiet) and coming home with just the pups. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ll list what I’m thankful for, not just this year, but in general:

  • Of course, my friends and family and our collective good health.  I’m blessed to have a tight cluster of friends that I can count on and always have fun with.  I also consider myself fortunate to have a wonderfully close relationship with my mom and a decently expressive one with my dad.

  • It’s no surprise I’m thankful for T.  He makes life fun, takes out the trash, keeps me from letting the fur pile up too much, lets Lexi lick his nose, rarely complains, and makes a mean omelet.  He simply makes me happy, which is just really cool.

  • I’m glad my dogs occasionally like to cuddle on the couch.  what good is a dog if they don’t keep your feet warm?

  • I have a good job that keeps me busy, interested, but also lets me go home at a decent hour. 

  • I live in a city that’s small enough to be quiet, but large enough to have a Costco.  Also, we could eat our way around the world in a 30-mile radius if we tried.

  • My co-workers and aquaintances are slowly merging into friends, which also makes me happy.

  • Down comforters and featherbeds produce a cloud to sleep upon, which makes for snuggly mornings in the winter.

  • My cats have never thrown up in my shoes.

  • My cats have also never stolen my shoes and chewed them up.

  • I’m thankful that I have so much to be thankful for!


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