A contest and links

This is so totally last minute, but if anyone would like a chance to win 1/2 lb of supple, fragrant, lovely vanilla beans, Jayden’s Steamy Kitchen is holding a contest.  Just go to the post, scroll down to the end, enter in the name and link to a great vanilla recipe and then leave a comment on her page.

Also, a PR rep for Reynolds sent me a couple of links related to the Handi-Vac.  There is a chart that tells you the optimal duration for freezing certain foods and some tips for plan ahead meals and general storage.  There’s also a funny little flash game you can play if you’re looking for some time to kill.


One response to “A contest and links

  1. cool, thanks for the contest. Will you update us later as to how the Handi-Vac works for you? I’m very curious! But I think it’s hilarious that the PR rep read your blog…

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