Misc. stuff

Just some random notes…

T and I will be in Orlando later this week for the ASCE 137th Annual Civil Engineering Conference.  Woohoo!  3 days of speakers and sessions and meetings (especially for T).  We will be flying back Monday to give ourselves a bit of time to explore the wonders of Disney.  Like Epcot, during the Food and Wine Festival.  And the Animal Kingdom.  Because our schedules are a little out of sync (my sessions end Saturday morning, while T is in meetings all day Saturday), perhaps I will splurge and take a nice spa day, too.

Also, there have been some interesting Googles coming this way.  Instead of listing out the exact terms people are searching with, I’m just going to offer my notes and thoughts:

  • Method aroma sticks” smell good, look pretty, and are way cheaper than the ones you find in specialty stores.  If you can find the peppermint vanilla during the holiday, definitely buy it.
  • The only “quick brownies” I know of are the ones from the box, but even those take half an hour to bake.  Still, they’re decent brownies.  There are microwaveable cakes and brownies, taking a couple minutes to “cook” but I’m skeptical of how tasty they are and if it’s really worth the time saved.
  • Yes, we have a “three dog household” + 2 cats (so it’s a full house, ha ha!) and there’s a lot of fur around here.  Thank goodness we’re not allergic to anything.
  • For crying out loud, go buy some tasty things from “Nothing Bundt Cakes” already.  Especially the one on Scripps Poway Parkway, because I want that store to stick around for a long time.  Even though they close at 6pm and I’m sometimes not even home by then.
  • The “Costco plastic cutlery” comes in a box with forks, knives, and spoons and they are quite sturdy.  If you’re not careful, you could actually hurt yourselves with the knives.  Handy for parties because you get, like, hundreds of the things.
  • Be Wise Ranch” has resumed deliveries, the owners lost their home, they are rebounding very well, and don’t you dare ask them for a refund for that one missed week!
  • “Chef Gavin Kaysen” was eliminated on TNIC (so not his fault due to the melted ice washing away his salt), he is leaving El Bizcocho for New York, and he’s still cute.
  • “caramel corn using cheese puffs recipes” – see here
  • We have two “mini american eskimo” pups here, hence the need for the “Roomba for Pets”.  They are barky dogs, shed a lot of fur, surprisingly don’t get dirty (it seems to just fall off them), and have very funny personalities.  Lexi is our circus dog and can stand on her hind legs for a long time.  Cassie is just a love bug and if I had to grab one thing to save from this house it would be her.  Because T would grab Clair.  I’m kidding.  Kinda.

See you when we get back!


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