Yup, we’re good

Good job to the Union Tribune for 1) recognizing that they needed to move the fire update blog to a more stable server and 2) keeping said blog… umm… updated.

Many of the evacuated areas have been able to return home, which is nice to hear. The fire blog lists all the returned communities, but most of Poway, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, and Encinitas have been allowed to return. The most northeastern portion of Poway (High Valley) is still being evaluated.

We are by no means finished with this fire – Witch or Harris. It’s still burning, it’s still not even contained to the double digits. The air is still smoky and ashy. Freeways have opened up, but I don’t think anyone’s really going anywhere. At least the evacuation centers are so full of donations they’ve actually asked for people to stop bringing goods by.

If anyone would like to help (from near or far), the easiest way to do so is through the American Red Cross, who will set aside funds specifically donated to the San Diego Fire Victims. For Poway, you can drop off monetary donations at City Hall’s overnight drop box – details here. I’m really wanting to just go buy grocery gift cards to donate, instead of writing a check. Maybe that’s a step for later? I still need to drop off my water bill payment, so that’s probably a good time to drop off a donation check, too.

Thanks to Robyn for sending so many people (and their good thoughts) our way… it must have worked! Maybe I should have asked for all of you to do a rain dance for us, too!


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