The Next Iron Chef

Okay, I realize that The Next Iron Chef is not the huge sweeping sensation like Top Chef or Hell’s Kitchen (I’m not fond of Gordon Ramsey, by the way), and I also realize that I really just don’t have many readers. However, in the event that someone who reads me and watches The Next Iron Chef has not yet watched the latest episode, I am using the “more” feature so as not to spoil your DVR watching pleasure.

I am so sad that Gavin Kaysen did not make it through this last round. I am so disappointed that he actually said he didn’t want to give them frog legs in two dishes. Does he not watch Iron Chef? Does he not understand that the show is based around chefs creating multiple dishes with the one secret ingredient? That’s what they want to see! I’m also sad that Aaron Sanchez said the same thing about the escargot in two dishes but he got to stay! I don’t like him… I think he’s too smug and frowny and, really, Iron Chef doesn’t need a Hispanic Bobby Flay (sorry, Bobby Flay, but I remember you standing on your cutting board after your challenge with Morimoto. Bad Form.) I think that the judge-that-needs-a-haircut also doesn’t like Aaron and wants to get rid of him because all his notes and comments aren’t really reflective of the dishes. It’s like he’s holding a grudge against the guy. I’m not a fan of Morou, but I would have rather seen him go on instead of A-RON.

p.s. – I only watched one episode of Top Chef and it was the one where they had to cook first class “airline meals” and serve them to flight attendants. Is anyone else feeling weird that next week TNIC is also cooking on a plane? They couldn’t come up with a wacky challenge that hasn’t been done before? Top Chef has used all the good challenges already? Sheesh.

p.p.s. – Has American Idol totally changed how shows cast the judging panel now? Are we always going to get the hard-ass guy who is never satisfied (although, not always with an accent), the perky, not-too-harsh, constructive criticism judge (not always female, although I’m sure the cleavage shots are helping… someone), and the middle-of-the-road, sometimes-I’m-happy, sometimes-I’m-not judge, but-good-try judge? I’d like to see them judge a challenge without knowing who prepared the dish. Or, have a different chef present the dish and see what happens. That would be cool. Maybe they only think the frog leg wasn’t salted because they expect it from Gavin. Now I think I’m going to have to root for John Besh. Phooey.


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