It’s fire season

In case anyone’s keeping track, it’s October here in San Diego, which is starting to become known as fire season. We’ve been having dry summers and no rain. We’ve already had a huge fire out in Julian, but today there were two: one in Potrero and one in Witch Creek (which is just west of Julian), both very large (20,000 acres each!). This morning we could see smoke off in the distance, which turned into smoky skies by afternoon. By dinnertime, we had all windows and doors closed and I can still smell smoke.

Apparently, Poway schools are closed tomorrow as they are being used as evacuation centers for residents threatened by the Witch fire (ed: Now evacuation centers are at Mira Mesa HS… umm, is that because they need to get further west? Oh, it’s because Poway is already full.) We already have ash falling on the driveway (and T’s car!) and I suspect tomorrow morning will be another warm, dry, blustery day. At least the fire is far enough away that we don’t need to worry and we don’t have 3 raging fires surrounding the county like we did in 2003. And, the Witch fire is moving north/northeast, which is away from Poway. Winds could change, but I think we’ll be okay.

Hope everyone else is safe. I don’t know how the fires started, but I hope it wasn’t a careless cigarette tossed out of a car or something easily prevented.



One response to “It’s fire season

  1. Keep safe, I hope you dont have to evacuate, sounds like some of poway might be affected.

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