Holiday parties

T just told me his office holiday party is going to be at Anthology, complete with 3-course meal.  If you read how much I enjoyed our last (and only, so far) visit, you’ll know how excited I am for this.  His office party is actually in January, which is a cool concept – since most companies celebrate a non-denominational holiday gathering to be completely fair to everyone (I guess), why not wait until after the December rush when venues are more available and possibly even cheaper?

My holiday party is going to be at Sea World this year, which is also a pretty cool venue and we’re excited for that, too.  I know it’s only October and we haven’t even gotten through Halloween, but I love the Christmas season and I’m glad we’re getting into all this.  Don’t worry, though, I never put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. 

Personally, we kick off the holiday season with a Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner™ the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We’re all so busy once the holidays hit (heck, we have crazy schedule all year long!) that at least we get to see our friends once before New Year’s Eve!  It’s also my excuse to throw a fancy dinner party, which really is fun for me.  Our friends like to throw their Thanksmas Eve™ party (sometime between Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s Eve) and they do a rockin’ job, including game prizes!  Maybe we’ll kick things up a notch and do door prizes this year. 

Are you getting excited for the post-summer season?


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