Edible San Diego

There’s a new magazine coming to town – Edible San Diego. Per the website:

edible SAN DIEGO is a community-based quarterly publication that promotes the abundance of local foods, season by season. Our mission is to transform the way our community shops for, cooks, eats and relates to food one decision at a time. We celebrate local, sustainable, seasonal, authentic foods and culinary traditions.”

It’s scheduled to launch March 1, 2008. I’d assume that as the date gets closer, the page will be updated with information on how to pick up one of these magazines. Based on the other cities it’s debuted in, circulation will either be via subscription or pick-up spots around town. I’m excited to see a neighborhood magazine that focuses on food, the people who produce it, and the people who prepare it. Hopefully, it will have an equal amount of articles to go with advertisements. San Diego already has home decorating/improvement circulars, why not one whose subject we can taste?

The magazine is produced by Edible Communities, if you’d like to see what other cities have going on and check out the site’s recipes and pictures.


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