Sorry, Straus


I have a confession to make:  I found a brand of milk that is better than Straus.  I know, I know, Straus is “local” and is a small organic company and they do good things and you can recycle the lovely glass bottles.  Believe me, when I tried Straus I did love it.  But, like all passionate love affairs, you go too long without each other (Whole Foods is just so inconvenient) and you end up stumbling upon something new.

After a meeting, my drive home took me past the pretty Albertsons off Camino del Sur, off the 56.  We were out of milk and I was looking forward to a bowl of cereal in the morning.  I also picked up some yogurt on that trip.  At grocery stores, I tend to pick up Horizon organic milk because it’s always there and it’s sometimes on sale.  However, this time Horizon wasn’t on sale and this Heritage brand was on sale, making it cheaper than the store brand of milk.  I picked it up, brought it home, had it with cereal the next day, and thought nothing of it.

Then I made cookies.  It’s actually a pretty interesting cookie recipe and the post is just waiting to be written.  But, as with brownies, a fresh warm cookie deserves a glass of cold milk.  I washed down the first cookie and noticed something strange.  It was like I was drinking whole milk.  Or really rich milk.  I actually had to go look at the carton in the fridge to make sure I had gotten the reduced fat milk (2% is the right amount for me).  The carton said that I wasn’t crazy, that I had, in fact, purchased reduced fat milk and that’s what was in my glass.

I took another taste.  Yup, still creamy.  Still really… milk-y.  In a good way.  Perhaps Heritage “reduced fat” milk is slightly more than 2%??  The lowfat milk says on the carton that it is 1% milkfat… hmm.

In any case, it’s really good milk.  It’s very tasty, which is an odd thing for me to say about milk.  It tastes very rich and decadent… perhaps if you’re a whole milk drinker you could try this one and save yourself some calories?

I looked up where it’s sold and apparently it’s available at all the grocery stores near home.  I wonder why I’ve never noticed it before?  This is now my milk brand of choice.  I’m all for sustainability and supporting local/small farms, but I really love this milk.  And, hey, I renewed my subscription to my CSA, so that’s got to count for something!

ps – Heritage is also the same company that distributes Kern’s nectars!


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