Whee! Light POM tea!

I am a huge fan of POM iced tea drinks.  I never really got into the POM pomegranate juice (although I do enjoy a messy pomegranate from time to time), but when their iced teas came out, I went and tried each of their 4 flavors, preferring the pomegranate lychee green tea and the pomegranate peach white tea.  I even kept the glasses to use as water glasses (they really are too cute to toss).  But, then, I started having too many glasses and the teas weren’t that cheap, even on sale.  I also became conscious of the sugar and calorie content (140 calories in each glass).  I still drink out of my POM tea glasses, but I stopped purchasing new ones.

Imagine my mixed feelings when I found out (via Hungry Girl) that POM has come out with light tea drinks!  The light teas have half as many calories as the regular teas and come in 3 yummy sounding flavors (although, why couldn’t they just lighten their existing flavors?).  The site also has very cool flash pictures that show a refreshing glass of tea with condensation dripping down the side.  So, I am happy that there is a light version of these tasty teas, but I am concerned because if I bring home any more of these reuseable glasses I will have to start getting rid of the regular drinking glasses.  What is a girl to do?


3 responses to “Whee! Light POM tea!

  1. Please save the glasses for
    filling with preserves or
    spiced cranberries for

  2. would you be willing to sell me some of your pom glasses?

  3. i am also looking for some pom glasses to buy…if you or anyone else has some to spare please let me know!


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